Brain Injury Professional and NABIS present Casual Conversations - Women vs. Brain Injury

Short author interviews on scientific articles featured in the current issue of Brain Injury Professional, Women vs. Brain Injury. Join guest editor Katherine Snedaker for a deeper dive into the articles for a 30-minute conversation. These sessions also give you an opportunity to interface with the author during a 15-minute Q&A that follows. Join us! You need only to register once for all sessions.

Schedule of Conversations

Join us each Thursday in 2021, at 2 PM EST, on Zoom for our series of "Casual Conversations" with Brain Injury Professional guest editor, Katherine Snedaker, LCSW, CEO of PINK Concussions. In these informal calls, Katherine will interview and chat with the amazing researchers featured in this issue to provide a deeper dive into the topics of Brain Injury such as domestic violence, women veterans, and female athletes.

Conversation #12: March 4, 2021
Topic: Women Vs. TBI
Speakers: Mystery Speaker

Conversation #13: March 21, 2021
Topic: School Accommodations
Speaker: Brenda Eagan Brown

Conversation #14: March 18, 2021
Topic: The History of Brain Injury Advocacy
Speakers: Marilyn Price Spivack & Ronald Savage, EdD

As these sessions are to be held as a regular zoom call, not in a webinar format, you will have an opportunity to interface with the author during a 15-minute Q&A that follows. Please note that you do not have to re-register if you have already registered for one of the previous conversations.


If you have already registered for past conversations, you do not need to re-register.

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Past Conversations Recordings

Episode #1: Nov 19
Topic: Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)
Speakers: Eve M. Valera, PhD @EveValera
Jonathan Lifshitz, PhD @ganglion11

Episode #2: Dec 3
Topic: Lack of sex differences reported in brain stimulation treatment studies particularly in relevance to traumatic brain injury
Speaker: Maheen Mausoof Adamson, PhD @AdamsMausoof

Episode #3: Dec 10
Topic: New Research in Girls and Women Athletes
Christina L. Master MD FAAP CAQSM FACSM @drtinamaster

Episode #4: Dec 17
Topic: Youth and Women’s Concussion research in Canada
Speakers: Nick Reed, MScOT PhD OT Reg (Ont) @DrNickReed
Andrée-Anne Ledoux, PhD @aaledoux
Angela Colantonio, PhD, OT Reg (Ont), FCAHS, FACRM @abiresearchlab

Episode #5: Jan 14, 2021
Topic: The punch-drunk boxer and the battered wife: Gender and Brain Injury Research
Speaker: Stephen Casper, PhD @TheNeuroTimes

Episode #6: Jan 21, 2021
Topic: Abused & Brain Injured Toolkit
Speaker: Halina (Lin) Haag

Episode #7: Jan 28, 2021
Topic: Active rehabilitation after Sports Related Concussion in Adolescents and insights for Female Athletes
Speaker: M. Nadir Haider, MD

Call #8: Feb 4, 2021
Topic: Adolescent Females More Likely to be Diagnosed with an Endocrine Disorder After a TBI
Speaker: J. Bryce Ortiz, PhD @jbryceortiz

Call #9: February 11, 2021

Topic: Educating frontline workers to better support survivors of brain injury in intimate partner violence
Speakers: Karen Mason @kmason10
Dr. Paul Vandonkelaar @drvandonkelaar

Conversation #10: February 18, 2021
Topic: Adverse late outcomes from traumatic brain injury TBI are not unique to sport, or inevitable
#TBI may be a dementia risk, but is it an inevitable outcome?
Speaker: Dr. Willie Stewart

Conversation #11: February 25, 2021
Topic: Neuro-Trauma in Women in Prison
Speaker: Huw Williams

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