Within the International Brain Injury Association, there are awards within IBIA, North American Brain Injury Society (NABIS), and International Paediatric Brain Injury Society.

International Brain Injury Association

Every two years, at the IBIA World Congress, there are awards given to professionals within the field of brain injury. Awards at the IBIA World Congress are the following:

The next World Congress will take place in Dublin, Ireland in March 2023; please note that this is new date as the previous date was March 2021. For information associated with the IBIA World Congress awards and their requirements, click on the IBIA World Congress Awards link below.

IBIA World Congress Awards

International Paediatric Brain Injury Association

During every IPBIS Conference, the Jane Gillet award is given. For more information on the requirements, please click on the IPBIS Conference Award button below.

The next IPBIS Conference will take place in September 2022 in New York City.

IPBIS Conference Award

North American Brain Injury Society

During the last few years of NABIS Medical Conferences, one individual has been awarded the Robert Voogt Award. For more information on the award and its requirements, please click on NABIS Medical Conference Award button below.

NABIS Medical Conference Award


For questions on awards, contact congress@internationalbrain.org.