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Association Membership selection includes an annual subscription to the journal Brain Injury

Association Membership selection includes an annual subscription (14 electronic issues per year) to IBIA's official journal, Brain Injury, published by Taylor & Francis. With the regular cost of an individual subscription to Brain Injury at over $1000 per year, IBIA members receive Brain Injury for less than 1/4th of the non-member rate! To view the publisher's website, click here. Please note that access to the journal will be granted a few days after membership is paid. You will receive an email from Taylor and Francis with instructions and a link on how to proceed.

Full list of membership benefits

Association Member

Note: Section representatives to the Board of Governors must be Association Members

Section Member

Section Membership is a requirement for election to a seat on its Board of Governors as well as for its Officer positions.

Special Interest Group Member

Individuals electing this category of membership do not have voting rights in IBIA or IBIA Section elections, are not eligible to hold positions on the Board of Governors of IBIA or its Sections (or to represent the SIG on those boards), and are not eligible to hold Officer positions in IBIA or its Sections.

Trainee Member

This category of membership is open to students enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate school program, residency training program, or postdoctoral fellowship. Proof of active participation in such program (i.e., a letter of support from the program director or faculty advisor) is required for participation in IBIA as a Trainee Member. This category of membership provides standing as an IBIA Trainee Member, with the following member benefits:

Trainee Members may elect to join a second Section at a discounted rate of $50 per year (i.e., if NABIS membership was selected as part of the Trainee membership, the Trainee Member may join IPBIS for an additional $50/yr - or vice versa).

Emeritus Member

a) been an Association Member for five or more years continuously at the time of application for Emeritus Member status, and

b) retirement from work as a brain injury professional (with provision of a notarized attestation letter to retirement from work as a brain injury professional)

This category of membership provides the following member benefits:

Emeritus Members may elect to join a second Section at a discounted rate of $50 per year.

NOTE: Dues are applied on a January-December calendar-year basis. Members will receive all back journal issues of the current year dependent upon date of payment. Dues paid after September 30 of any year will be applied to the journal subscription for the following year (e.g., dues paid on Sept. 30, 2017 will be applied to a 2021 membership and journal subscription). All other membership benefits are activated immediately.

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