Self Advocacy and Living Well after Brain Injury

Speaker: Lenore Hawley, MSSW, LCSW
Date and Time: December 6, 2023, at 12 PM Eastern
Organized by North America Brain Injury Society.

This webinar will define the concepts of self-advocacy, empowerment and living well after brain injury. Evidence-based strategies will be discussed for empowering individuals and families with the skills and beliefs needed to advocate for themselves and live well while navigating the chronic challenges of life after brain injury.

Recording – Self Advocacy Webinar

Working With Youth Experiencing Persisting Symptoms After Concussion: A Clinician Scientist Perspective

Speaker: Shannon Scratch, Ph.D., C.Psych.
Date and Time: November 30, 2023, at 12 PM Eastern
Organized by International Paediatric Brain Injury Society

This webinar will cover clinical fundamentals of concussion assessment and treatment of persisting symptoms. Recommendations for supporting youth experiencing persisting symptoms after concussion and their families, including a focus on integration of research and clinical guidelines into practice and models of interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary care will be outlined. Case vignettes will also be presented and time for audience questions will be incorporated.

Recording - Clinical Scientist Webinar

Use of Projects to Support Meaning-Based Rehabilitation and Development of Cognitive-Communication Skills in People With Acquired Brain Injury

Speaker: Nicholas Behn, PhD, MRCSLT
Date and Time: November 29, 2023, 3 PM Eastern
Organized by Social Cognition, Communication and Affect Special Interest Group

In this webinar we will see projects involve people with brain injury working collaboratively in real-life contexts with other people to develop a self-identified concrete or tangible product, which benefits others. Projects have the potential to address impaired skills, improve mood, alter a person’s sense of identity, increase opportunities for social connection and give meaning and purpose to a person’s life. This webinar will briefly describe the origins of projects and how they have been used to support meaning-based rehabilitation for people with communication disorders following brain injury. I will describe some of the core components and provide examples of how projects have been created for a range of services, not just for people with communication disorders. In doing so, the relevance of projects for a range of different professions and for people with a range of clinical diagnoses will be shown.

Recording - Cognitive-Communication Skills Webinar

Challenges and Solutions in the Clinical Translation of [18F]FDG-PET Findings in Disorders of Consciousness - Presentation of an Automated, Free-to-Use Analysis Pipeline

Speaker: Arianna Sala, PhD
Date and Time: November 15, 2023, at 11 AM Eastern
Organized by Disorders of Consciousness Special Interest Group.

In this webinar, we will see how alterations of brain glucose metabolism, as measured by [18F]FDG-PET, are a well-established observation in patients with disorders of consciousness after severe brain injury. The degree of consciousness (arousal and awareness) impairment is associated with decreased brain glucose metabolism at the global and local levels (to highlight both global decreases and alteration of specific networks). As behavioral signs of consciousness (or lack thereof) do not always reflect the level of residual (covert) consciousness, [18F]FDG-PET provides direct insight into cerebral activity, complementing bedside examinations. Still, limited resources for neuroimage analyses hinders quantitative evaluation of [18F]FDG-PET findings in clinical settings. In this talk, we present a free-to-use pipeline to automatically analyze [18F]FDG-PET images in patients with disorders of consciousness. The pipeline requires minimal user intervention and allows to generate ready-to-use statistics for clinical assessment in under 1-2 minutes.

Recording – Challenges and Solutions Webinar

Lurking, Liking, Posting, or Hashtagging: Using Social Media for Connection and its Role in Rehabilitation After Acquired Brain Injury

Speaker: Melissa Brunner, PhD, MHlthSc, BAppSc, CPSP
Date and Time: October 18, 2023, at 4 PM Eastern
Organized by Social Cognition, Communication and Affect Special Interest Group.

Social media can support people with communication disability to access information, social participation, support, and their consumer rights. However, people with acquired brain injury (ABI) experience challenges in using social media and rehabilitation professionals describe being inadequately prepared to support them in its use. This webinar will outline the results of a qualitative metasynthesis of mixed methods research, a scoping review, the development of a bespoke online program, social-ABI-lity, to support people with ABI to use social media safely and enjoyably, and the use of social-ABI-lity in combination with peer support to practice and build social media communication skills. In this webinar, I will describe the benefits and risks of online social relationships and social media use after acquired brain injury; discuss the complexities of addressing social media use during brain injury rehabilitation; and explain where to find resources available to guide the incorporation of social media skills into collaborative social communication rehabilitation goals.

Recording - Social Media Webinar

Biopsychosocial Predictors of Pediatric Concussion Outcomes

Speaker: Keith Yeates, PhD, ABPP, FCAHS, FRSC
Date and Time: October 11, 2023, at 12 PM Eastern
Organized by Concussion-mTBI Special Interest Group

The outcomes of pediatric concussion reflect a complex interplay of biological, psychological, and social factors, operating through time, from before to after the injury. This presentation will summarize an ongoing research program that is investigating a range of factors associated with pediatric concussion outcomes, guided by a biopsychosocial model. The webinar will consider implications for clinical practice and future research.

Recording - Biopsychosocial Predictors Webinar

Severe Traumatic Brain Injury Research: An Era of Lessons Learned and Future Directions

Speaker: Yelena G. Bodien, PhD
Date and Time: October 4, 2023, at 12 PM Eastern
Organized by North America Brain Injury Society.

The design and execution of research studies focused on severe traumatic brain injury is complex and requires overcoming barriers related to data acquisition, analysis, and interpretation. In this webinar, we will review 10 lessons learned about the design of TBI research, presented in the context of prior and ongoing studies.

Recording - Severe TBI Research Webinar

Motivational Interviewing: A Tool to Support Self-Determination and Self-Regulation in Cognitive-Communication Disorders

Speaker: Jerry K. Hoepner, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
Date and Time: September 27, 2023, 4PM Eastern
Organized by Social Cognition, Communication and Affect Special Interest Group

This webinar will cover how individuals with cognitive-communication disorders have impaired self-regulation related to poor awareness of their strengths and weaknesses. This strains relationships and increases burden on communication partners. Motivational interviewing is a counseling technique designed to facilitate self-determination and motivation to change behaviors. As such, it is a powerful tool for self-monitoring and self-regulation. This presentation will address ways to incorporate motivational interviewing in goal setting and self-evaluation of goal achievement. Further, techniques such as video review can be used to scaffold self-assessment.

Recording - Motivational Interview Webinar

Building Blocks of Learning & Pediatric Brain Injury: Revolutionizing School Supports & Shifting Paradigms

Speaker: Brenda Eagan-Johnson, EdD, CBIST-AP
Date and Time: September 20, 2023, 12PM Eastern
Organized by International Paediatric Brain Injury Society.

This webinar will solidify your understanding of Acquired Brain Injury (ABI), a primary cause of disability in children, teens, and young adults that often leads to long-term medical, rehabilitation, and educational implications.

This webinar will also share key insights learned from the nationally recognized BrainSTEPS Brain Injury School Consulting Program in Pennsylvania (PA) over the last 16 years, a statewide program jointly funded by the PA Department of Health and PA Department of Education.

Recording - Education Blocks Webinar

Opening the Door to Inpatient Rehabilitation for Individuals With Disorders of Consciousness

Speaker: Jean Woo, MD
Date and Time: September 12, 2023, 11am Eastern
Organized by Disorders of Consciousness Special Interest Group.

In this webinar, we will see patients with disorders of consciousness (DoC) continue to have limited access to inpatient rehabilitation, despite the increasing amount of evidence showing the benefits of rehabilitative interventions. This poses detrimental consequences in functional recovery and outcome for this patient population. In this webinar, we will discuss common barriers, fundamental causes of such barriers, and how to overcome those barriers to advocate for rehabilitation for this patient population. There will be a discussion on how to justify inpatient rehabilitation to the payers using current literature and data.

Recording - Disorders of Consciousness Webinar

Equal Play, Equal Protection: Towards Understanding Brain Injury in Female Athletes

Speaker: Elisabeth Williams, PhD
Date and Time: September 6, 2023, 11am Eastern
Organized by PINK Concussions. Moderated by Katherine Snedaker, LCSW.

In this webinar, we will see how the application of male-centric concussion research findings to females in sports disregards their unique physiological characteristics, posing a significant issue. Females exhibit distinct anatomical differences in the cervical spine, axonal variances in the brain, and hormonal profile changes that can impact brain injury occurrence and outcomes. Recent findings report both sex and gender differences to influence brain injury incidence, management, and recovery. A combination of neck strength screening, video analysis, and head impact telemetry, have enabled a deeper understanding of head impact biomechanics in university female rugby players. This research serves as a foundation for developing tailored training strategies that effectively minimise the risk of brain injuries in this population.

Recording - PINK Concussion Webinar

Customized Settings for Outcome Oriented Brain Injury Rehabilitation and Systems of Service Delivery

Speaker: David Ripley, MD, MS, CRC, FAAPM&R
Date and Time: August 10, 2023, at 12pm Eastern
Organized by North American Brain Injury Society.

Prior to joining HealthBridge, he served as Section Chief of Brain Injury Medicine and Rehabilitation and Medical Director of Worker’s Compensation Physician Practice at the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab (formerly Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago), and was Program Director of the James and Carmela O’Boyle Fellowship in Brain Injury Medicine. Dr. Ripley’s clinical practice has included evaluating and managing patients with neurotrauma throughout the continuum of care. He is widely published and has lectured nationally and internationally. He is Board Certified in both PM&R and Brain Injury Medicine.

This webinar will discuss the evolution of different settings for the provision of care for individuals with traumatic brain injury in the United States. Clinical, economic, and political pressures on how the current system of care developed will be discussed, with a focus on how each component plays a role in the recovery of individuals with brain injury.

Recording - Outcome Orientation Rehabilitation Webinar

Return to Learn and Sport after Sport Related Concussion – an Update

Speaker: Margot Putukian, MD, FACSM, FAMSSM
Date and Time: August 9, 2023, at 11:00am Eastern

Organized by Concussion - mTBI Special Interest Group

This webinar will provide an overview of the systematic review of the literature on clinical recovery, return to learn (RTL) and return to sport (RTS) strategies after sport-related concussion. Understanding the complexity of mild traumatic brain injury and the limitations of the current literature is important. The webinar will review the updated RTL and RTS recommendations from the Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport Conference in Amsterdam.

Recording - Return to Learn and Sport Webinar

EENACOMA: A Model of Care for Disorders of Consciousness

Speaker: Willemijn van Erp, MD, PhD
Date: May 25, 2023

Diagnostic and prognostic uncertainty, fragmented care after the acute phase, over- and undertreatment and ethical dilemma’s in deciding what is appropriate treatment: challenges in daily practice for patients with disorders of consciousness are universal. The Netherlands, however, until very recently did a particularly bad job in providing the necessary care for PDOC. Only patients younger than 25 received specialized rehabilitation; outside of those mere 14 weeks, they fell into the cracks of the care system.

2019 however saw a drastic reform. Virtually all PDOC patients are now eligible for a specialized care trajectory that can cover up to 24 months post-injury. How did this change come about? In this session, Van Erp will highlight the key ingredients to change in PDOC practice and its challenges, and invite the audience to a discussion on how to make use of the Dutch experience in other countries.

Recording - EENACOMA Webinar

Additional Pre-recorded Webinars

Please see links below to previous webinar content.

Authentic Partnerships: A Model for Building on Lived Experiences to Co-Design Caregiver Supports After Pediatric ABI
Caron Gan & Brenda Agnew
Link to recording: Click here. Please note that there was a problem with one of the videos not playing properly during the webinar; to view the video with sound, click here.

Brainstorm: Neuroinflammation, TBI, and Co-Occurring Psychiatric Symptoms
Lisa Brenner, PhD
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Childhood Stroke: Medical Aspects, Consequences and Implications for Interventions
Eli Gunnarson
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Neuroendocrine Dysfunction After TBI: A Practical Approach to Evaluation and Management
Tamara L. Wexler, MD, PhD
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Rehabilitation Services and Long-Term Discharge Planning for Febrile Infection-Related Epilepsy Syndrome (FIRES) Patients: A Single Institution Review
Kimberly Davis
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Sensory Stimulation for Children and Youth with Disorders of Consciousness: Recommendations from the Developing Evidence-base
Wendy L. Magee & Valerie Paasch
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TeleTherapy through Pandemic and Beyond
Janet Williams

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The Search for Consciousness: Functional Neuroimaging in the Acute Brain Injured State
Adrian Owen
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Traumatic Brain Injury in Pre-School children
Juliet Haarbauer-Krupa
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Updates on Diagnosis, Prognosis and Treatment of Paediatric Disorders of Consciousness
Erika Molteni
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Using Apps to Develop Executive Function Skills
Michelle Wild & Penny Trayner
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What is Teen Online Problem Solving and How Can It Help Adolescents with TBI during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Shari Wade
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