The following symposium sessions will take place at the upcoming 2021 Virtual World Congress on Brain Injury:

Validity Assessment in Persons with Claimed Brain Injury: Clinical and Forensic Caveats
Chair: Nathan Zasler, USA

Traumatic Brain injury in Early Life: Relationships with Crime and Implications for Policy Development
Chair: Thomas McMillan, Scotland

Pediatric Symposium - Support, Hope & Resiliency: An Education and Train Program for Caregivers after Pediatric ABI
Chair: Caron Gan, Canada

The Foundation to Advance Brain Rehabilitation (FABR): Advocacy for Postacute Brain Rehabilitation and Persons Served through Collaborative Outcomes Research
Chair: James Malec, USA

Cognition and Cholinergic Function after Traumatic Brain Injury
Chair: David B. Arciniegas, USA

Pediatric Symposium - Traumatic Brain Injury in Preschool Children: The Injury, Symptoms, Outcomes, and Impact on Family
Chair: Juliet Haarbauer-Krupa, USA

Neuroendocrine Dysfunction After TBI: A Practical Approach to Evaluation and Management
Chair: Tamara Wexler, USA

Risk for opioid use and misuse among individuals with a lifetime history of traumatic brain injury
Chair: Rachel Adams, USA

Pediatric Disorders of Consciousness: Outcomes and Interventions
Chair: Beth Slomine, USA

International diagnostic guidelines for Disorders of Consciousness: Point-counterpoint
Chairs: Caroline Schnakers, USA & Nathan Zasler, USA

Data Science in Traumatic Brain Injury: Implications for Policy and Healthcare Decision Making
Chair: Lisa Brenner, USA

Return to School following Traumatic Brain Injury
Chair: Juliet Haarbauer-Krupa, USA

Pediatric Symposium - Abusive Head Trauma in the Time of COVID-19—Experience from Tertiary Referral Center
Chair: Sarah Risen, USA

Comorbidities, Rehabilitation and Family Needs in U.S. Active Duty Personnel and Veterans in the First Five Years After TBI
Chair: Risa Nakase-Richardson, USA

COVID-19 as a Cause of Acquired Brain Injury: Lessons From Current Research and Advanced Neuroimaging
Chair: Alina Fong, USA

Pediatric Symposium- What We Can Do To Stop Children and Young People with Neuro-Disabilities Ending Up In Prisons
Chair: Huw Williams, UK

Assessment and Management of Patients During Post-Traumatic Amnesia After Traumatic Brain Injury
Chair: Jennie Ponsford, Australia

Social Cognition Communication and Affect (SOCCA) Special Interest Group Symposium
Chair: Leanne Togher, Australia

Latest Research on Cerebral Blood Flow Alteration Following Mild TBI (Concussion)
Chair: Barry Willer, Canada

The prognostic power of sleep after TBI
Chair: Rachel Rowe, USA