William V. Padula, OD, SFNAP, FAAO, FNORA

Session Summary:

Following a concussion, vision symptoms of blur, visual fatigue, inability to tolerate busy moving environments, photophobia, headaches, loss of comprehension, difficulty with balance, are often experienced. Persons with these symptoms frequently are evaluated and have 20/20 acuity, no loss of visual field, ocular paresis nor abnormality of ocular health. This presentation will review the neurology of the visual process and how neurological compromise of the visual process produces characteristics and symptoms of binocular dysfunction. The neurology of visual processing will be studied to understand how compromise of visual processing causes symptoms and specific binocular dysfunction characteristics such as, convergence insufficiency, oculomotor dysfunction, accommodative insufficiency as well as having an effect on balance and posture. Treatment protocol to affect the neurology of the visual processing dysfunction that is evidenced-based will be discussed.