Monique Piegza, MD

Session Summary:

The medicolegal assessment of people who have experienced acute / chronic disability following personal injury is a common process across the world. However, individual countries and regions can have widely different systems of assessment and decision making in who receives benefits. For example, the incidence of back pain is equivalent in the US and in Japan, but claims of disbility in the US are an order of magnitude greater.

One factor with the capacity to influence determination of disability and compensation is how assessments are completed. In this presentation the speaker will discuss the difficulties medical experts experience in while assessing patients and writing medico-legal reports. She will give an overview of the Dutch (compensation) system and the role of the medical expert within this system.

Furthermore, you will learn more about the history of the Dutch way of handling claims in litigation and disability, the position of the medical experts within this system and the method they have developed to insure a more transparent, systematic and standardized approach to assessing clients in a medico-legal environment. This system aims to produce fair and comparable results for similar cases.