Michael B. Ronemus

Session Summary:

A TBI can affect multiple organs throughout the body which, at first glance, would not seem to be related to TBI. But the autonomic nervous system which regulates the non-voluntary functions of our body can sustain injury from a TBI and cause serious consequences. Organs such the heart, eyes, gastro-intestinal, urinary, sexual and spine can all be affected by a TBI..

Physical problems can be varied and include such things as blood pressure irregularities and vestibular dysfunction, inability to visually focus, problems swallowing and digestive problems, fecal incontinence, urinary incontinence, inability to empty the bladder, spine pain, sexual dysfunction, menstrual irregularity and even symptoms consistent with CRPS including temperature irregularities and discoloration of the limbs are among those that are caused by a TBI.

When representing a person with a TBI, it is imperative to have a doctor who is familiar with Dysautonomia involved so that all of the client’s injuries resulting from TBI can be related.