Artemis H. Malekpour

Artemis H. Malekpour is a partner in the litigation consulting firm of Malekpour & Ball. With a background in psychology and psychiatric research, she specializes in focus groups, case strategy, damages and jury selection. Artemis earned her undergraduate degree at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a Master’s in Healthcare Administration from UNC’s School of Public Health. After several years of working in the Department of Psychiatry at UNC Hospitals, she went on to receive her law degree with honors from Duke University.

Artemis has consulted on a wide variety of cases across the country. Through years of conducting jury research, observing deliberations and moderating discussions, she has a particular knack for identifying potential landmines, analyzing each case from the decisionmakers’ perspective. Authoring numerous papers and chapters throughout her career, Artemis’ most recent project, Damages Evolving, written with co-authors David Ball, Courtney Rowley and Nick Rowley, was released in Spring of 2022 through Trial Guides.