The Preliminary Program has now been released.

Preliminary Program

NABIS and IPBIS would like to announce the following confirmed Pre-Conference Sessions to-date. More information will be posted shortly.

The confirmed speakers for the Pre-Conference sessions are:

Anna Adlam - UK

Vicki Anderson - Australia

Yelena G. Bodien - USA

Janeen Bower - Australia

Neha Dangayachi - USA

Brenda Eagan-Johnson - USA

Brian Edlow - USA

Michael Ellis - Canada

Joseph Giacino USA

Sharon Grandinette - USA

Kelly Jones - New Zealand

John Krakauer - USA

Julie Krupa - USA

John Leddy - USA

Jenny Limond - UK

Wendy Magee - USA

Melissa McCart - USA

Valerie Paasch - USA

Kristi Pero - USA

Jonathan Pool - UK

David Putrino - USA

Jenna Tosto-Mancuso - USA

Diana Toto - USA

Perry Traynor - UK

Janet Tyler - USA

Shari Wade - USA

Michelle Wilde - USA

Barry Willer - Canada

More details on the associated session titles along with the session details will be posted shortly.