Poster Presentation Guidelines

Poster sessions are an increasingly important part of scientific and technology conferences, as they allow us to communicate information in a visual and direct manner. These guidelines are written for your benefit and should be followed to have a successful poster presentation. Please note that we will have only one poster session and your poster number is the same as your abstract number.

Poster Board Dimensions/Conversions

Poster board dimensions are no bigger than:

Inches: 43 Height by 43 Width

Centimeters: 109.2 Height by 109.2 Width

Millimeters: 1092 Height by 1092 Width

Your poster does not need to meet the dimensions, but it CANNOT EXCEED THE DIMENSIONS.

The Poster Session Time and Location

“Posters & Prosecco”

Friday, September 23, 2022

6:30 – 7:30pm (ET)

Location: The Bank (Mezzanine Level)

The New Yorker Hotel

Poster Presentation Instructions