Mission and Vision Statement

The principal mission of the organization is moving brain injury science into practice. Whether it is in the area of clinical care, research, policy or litigation, the organization stands behind the premise that advances in science and practices based on application of the scientific evidence will ultimately provide the best outcomes for those with brain injuries and the community as a whole. NABIS was created specifically to address the needs of multidisciplinary professionals dedicated to brain injury - providing education programs, scientific updates and a platform for communication and professional exchange. NABIS welcomes the opportunity to work with other brain injury groups to address the key issues for professionals in North America.

NABIS Board of Directors

To learn about the Board of Directors of NABIS, please click here.

Brain Injury Professional

The North American Brain Injury Society (NABIS) has an official publication, Brain Injury Professional (BIP). To learn about BIP, please click here. Also, to view the official Brain Injury Professional Website, click here.


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