PINK X will be broken into three days of programming.

Day #1 - Pre-Conference Day Behind Locked Doors: Brain injury in Women

The pre-conference event will focus on women who experience their brain injuries ‘behind locked doors’ - who are victims of intimate partner violence and/or who are incarcerated. Leading experts will present research and share ideas about how violence changes the dynamics of brain injuries for the patient, doctor, and family.

Day #2 - Regular Conference Track Sex and Gender Difference in Brain Injury

This event will provide an overview of sex and gender differences in brain injury based on current brain injury research in girls and women. Top experts will discuss how brain injuries in females differ and are similar to males, including how age plays an important role. There will be an emphasis on how medical professionals can use this scientific research to develop “better” practices in the care and education of women with brain injury to facilitate recovery and positive long-term outcomes.

Day #3 - Regular Conference Track How Systemic Barriers Shape Opportunities for BIPOC Brain Injury Patients and Professionals

The BIPOC Experience - PINK Concussions is hosting a review of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion research in Brain Injury and panels for patients and professionals of color to share their experience and future directions. The purpose of the panels is to help to bring awareness to the barriers that exist to achieve Diversity, Equality and Inclusion in the field of brain Injury, and accelerate needed change to lower these barriers for both patients and medical professionals.

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