DoC-SIG Webinar Session Recordings

The Search for Consciousness: Functional Neuroimaging in the Acute Brain Injured State - Adrian Owen
Short Summary:
Within this webinar, Dr. Owen explored the extent to which such methods may also be useful for improving diagnosis and prognosis in the acute phase of brain injury; that is, in the first few days after a serious injury when patients are at their most vulnerable and prognosis is most uncertain. Dr. Owen presented data showing that techniques like fMRI can be used safely and successfully in the intensive care setting, both to detect preserved cognitive capabilities that evade detection using standard clinical approaches, and to predict and measure outcomes in unresponsive, acutely brain-injured patients. These findings have significant ethics and legal discussions (in terms of withdrawal of life-sustaining therapies), and drove efforts to develop interventions to facilitate recovery and quality of life after serious brain injury.
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