Updates: Pediatric Psychopharmacology and Innovative Technologies Used with Children and Adolescents Following Acquired Brain Injuries



Peter Patrick


Enrico Castelli
Peter Rumney
Claire Lundy
Peter Patrick



1. To identify common clinical conditions wherein psychoactive agents are used following ABI
2. Familiarize attendees with classes of medications used for movement disorder
3. Familiarize attendees with agents currently used for mental health concerns
4. Attendees will learn the current state of agents used for cognitive enhancement
5. Attendees will learn current state of TcDCstim, TcACStim and Tc Magnetic Stimulation

Introduction: Medication use following acquired brain injury (e.g. TBI, encephalopathy, stroke etc.) has become an important and common type of intervention. While research in this area continues, day to day demand and needs challenge the practitioner. The parallel development has made it difficult to get the current research and investigational findings to the practitioner on a real time basis. The proposed symposium will focus on getting the most recent research and clinical practices to clinicians.

Plan: We are proposing a half day seminar that explores the current use of psychoactive agents and innovative technology (e.g. TcDCstim) following ABI with children and adolescents. Particular emphasis will be place on the integration between current evidence-based literature and clinical experience. The presenters will encourage active learning presentation of information, enlisting attendees’ participation.

Outline of topics and presentation
1. Introduction: Psychology of Psychopharmacology (30 min)
2. Complex Movement Disorders (90 min)
3. Fifteen-minute break (15 Min)
4. Mental Health and Neurobehavioral Disorders (70 min)
5. Cognitive Enhancing Agents and Innovative Technologies (70min)
6. Question and Answer Discussion

Method of Instruction: Presentations will be encouraged to relate research to clinical application and experiences, using case examples. In addition, active learning techniques are encouraged so as to enlist attendee’s participation and support an active learning experience

Handouts will be provided, and we will extend the opportunity for attendees to access PowerPoint materials by providing opportunity for downloads per the individual presenters.

Presenters will be encouraged to provide attendees with current references and bibliography materials where appropriate.



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