Ulrich Kunz


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Euroacademia Multidisciplinaria Neurotraumatologica Symposium


Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kunz was the Head of the Neurosurgery Department, Federal Army Hospital in Ulm, Germany, since October 2000. During 2001-2010, he was the Head of the Society of Military Medicine and Pharmacy of Baden Würtemberg. Since 2004, Mr. Kunz has been the Speaker of the Military Neurosurgeons of German Military, and since 2011 a Professor of University of Ulm. He is the co-author of many books chapters on neuro and spinal trauma. He has published more than 90 papers and is cited about 299 times. During 2012-2014, he has been the President of the 19th Congress of the Euroacademia Multidisciplinaria Neurotraumatologica (EMN) in Ulm, Germany.