Discover The Hague!



The Hague is one of the most extraordinary cities in Europe. Not just because of its world famous international organizations like the International Court of Justice, but also because of its many monuments, historic districts and its location near the beautiful North Sea coastline. The Hague is also known as the 'Royal City by the Sea' and is called ‘the residence city’ because of the many members of the Dutch Royal Family who reside in its chic neighborhoods.

The Plein and Grote Markt squares abound with great restaurants, eateries, coffee houses and night clubs and are lively and welcoming places every day of the week. The Hague’s shopping is as varied as the city itself, ranging from luxury department stores and international top brands to cosy little streets filled with boutiques and specialty shops. It also has a lot of internationally renowned art and culture to offer.

The Hague proves that a modern skyline and a historic city center are perfect partners. Scheveningen, the best known seaside resort on the Dutch coast, is a great place to go for a suntan and water sports in summer and a bracing walk in winter.

And last but not least, The Hague is only a short distance (approximately 1/2 hour) by public transport to Amsterdam, a city known for it’s iconic canals, world class museums and heritage sites.

Easy Accessibility From All Over the World!

Located in the west of the Netherlands, The Hague is easily accessible by air, train or road. Rotterdam is less than 30 kilomteres from The Hague and Amsterdam approximately 60 kilometres. Major cities close to The Hague include Brussels, London and Paris, and there are trains to all major destinations.

The Hague is located between two international airports:

  • Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to the World Forum is 30 minutes by car and 45 minutes by public transport.
  • The Hague/Rotterdam Airport to the World Forum is 20 minutes by car and 60 minutes by public transport.

 The circled part (below) of the Netherlands has the same circumference as the greater London area.




Transport to The Hague

By air


The international airports of Amsterdam Schiphol and Rotterdam-The Haugue are just short distances away from The Hague.

One of the largest airports in Europe, the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol can be reached by car in approximately 30 minutes and by public transport in about 45 minutes. A total of around 150 European airports and more than 100 intercontinental airports operate direct connections to Amsterdam, with more than 3,500 flights a week. For more information on Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, click here.

Flying to Rotterdam-The Hague Airport is another convenient option, with the airport located approximately 20 minutes from the city by car and approximately 45 minutes via public transport. The fast check-in and check-out procedures enable travellers to save time. The airport operates scheduled services to and from a wide range of European destinations. For more information on the destinations that can be reached from Rotterdam-The Hague Airport, please click here

By train

The Hague has two international and well-equipped train stations. Trains from Hollands Spoor Station leave for Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Belgium, and France. Trains for Utrecht and Germany leave from The Hague Central Station. Both train stations operate a direct service to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

From The Hague Central Station (CS) take tram no. 17 to World Forum. You get off at the Statenplein stop (5 minutes’ walk).
From The Hague Hollands Spoor (HS) take tram no. 17 (get off at the Statenplein stop, 5 minutes’ walk) or take tram no. 1. (get off at the World Forum stop).

Getting around in The Hague


Getting about by foot is easy. The entire city, from the centre all the way to the beach, can be traversed in under an hour. Over one third of the city is covered with greenery: forests and parks as well as some 70,000 roadside trees. It’s a great setting for getting around by foot and grabbing some fresh air.

Public transport
The Hague boasts an excellent public transport system. Over 30 bus and tram lines will quickly and safely take you to your destinations in and around The Hague. There’s also a night bus, so you can get home safely after a night out.

Special night rates do not apply in The Hague. It is often possible to hail a taxi in the street, but you can also find special taxi stands at the train stations and various points throughout the city. You can reliably order a taxi by telephone too.


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