Supporting Educators in Working with Children with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)


Mark Linden


Audrey McKinlay
Ann Glang
Carol Hawley
Alison Madden
Ivana Fortino



Following ABI the vast majority of children will return to mainstream schooling. For both parents and children, return to school marks a return to normality which can sometimes present challenges. This symposium will bring together research on return to school and reintegration into the school setting for children who experience all levels of injury severity, including concussion. Presenters will discuss the contextual factors which influence a successful return to school, including hospital-school communication, return to learn protocols, and brain injury education. The long-term outcomes of ABI on educational performance will also be discussed. The understanding of teaching staff and the need for changes to teacher training will be discussed from an international perspective. Practical strategies to support teachers in working with children with ABI together with work on educational interventions, will provide delegates with a unique learning opportunity. The symposium will include individual expert presentations and a panel discussion, employing multi-media based scenarios, to illustrate case studies and generate discussion and audience involvement.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Provide practical strategies to support educators in teaching children with ABI.
  2. Identify the challenges children face within the educational setting.
  3. Identify a range of interventions aimed at improving academic outcomes in children with ABI.