Poster Presenter FAQs


What are the required dimensions of my poster?


1270mm H X 914mm W
50in H X 36in W

NOTE: Double sided tape will be provided to you for placement of your poster

It is critical that our poster presenters abide by these measurements to ensure successful poster set up and productive poster sessions.  YOUR POSTER CANNOT EXCEED THESE DIMENSIONS. If you produced your poster already with the previous published measurements, we will accommodate your poster.

How do I turn what would have been an oral presentation into a poster?

A poster is not a conference paper that you would use for a talk or a panel discussion, so pinning a paper to a poster board usually does not make a great poster and is hard to read. Instead, turn your information into a story with visuals. Use graphs, charts, tables, etc. Be creative. There are many websites or books that can help you to create a great poster, and there are print shops that can get it printed for you to the exact measurements as specified in our guidelines.

What is the best Font size to use?

Usually 16-20 works best for the title, author, institutional affiliation, etc. You should avoid fonts that are in script or difficult to read. Keep in mind that most readers do not have perfect eyesight, and because the crowd of readers around a poster may be several people deep, the type should be easily readable by someone standing a few feet away. Most viewers will be at least 3 feet away from your poster.

I want to go to a panel discussion or another presentation of some sort during my poster presentation time. What should I do?

It is recommended that you be present for your poster presentation to answer questions from delegates and for judging. If for some reason you are unable to attend, you should try to get another author or colleague to be there. Also please notify the IBIA World Congress Poster Coordinator of the change at

I want to present a poster that I have previously presented, but it is not the same dimensions. May I just bring it and put it up regardless of the wrong dimensions?

Your material should be new research AND must be the correct dimensions—per our specificationsto be displayed along with all the other presenters who followed the directions and brought new work that is the correct size.  This is not optional!

I did not realize there would be judging, what does this mean?

There will be an anonymous panel of roaming judges at each poster session. They will choose a 1st and 2nd place poster that will be announced at the Gala on Saturday night for a monetary gift from the 11th IBIA World Congress. The poster sessions are an important and vital element of the IBIA World Congress and we want to continue to encourage wide and continuous participation by our delegates.

What is the best way to transport my poster?

A portfolio case, mailing tube or cylinder is recommended for the transport of your poster.

I have some handouts I want to get printed once I arrive at the Congress. Where can I get this printing done?

The IBIA 11th World Congress does not provide any copying or printed service. Our recommendation is to bring your copies with you as we are not aware at this time of places to get your printed copies made. If this changes we will update our information.

How will I know my Poster Number?

You were assigned your Abstract Number when you submitted your Abstract and that serves as your Poster Number. In all correspondence you will need your 4 digit Abstract Number.

I have a friend in Amsterdam. Can they come to my poster presentation?

Everyone who attends the IBIA 11th World Congress must be registered. You may speak to the registration desk and request a “day Pass” in advance to purchase. All delegates and Day Pass visitors must have a badge at all times during the Congress.

I want a copy of my Published Abstract, where is it?

Your Abstract is published as a supplement to the Brain Injury Journal. The supplement for all abstracts is electronic and medically indexed.


If you have questions or need assistance at any time regarding your poster, please contact Carol Blanton at