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Thomas van Essen

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New Developments in Assessing Outcomes in TBI and Stroke


Thomas van Essen is a resident and PhD graduate neurosurgery and epidemiology. He combines his clinical work as a neurosurgeon in training (Prof. Peul and Dr. Walchenbach) with a doctorate on the surgical treatment of traumatic acute subdural hematomas and contusions (neurosurgeon epidemiologist prof. Peul and clinical epidemiologist Prof. Rosendaal). He has received his medical degree at the Erasmus University Rotterdam (cum laude) and his Master of Science in neuroscience at the department of Neuroscience of Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam (Prof. De Zeeuw). A scientific internship at University of California Davis (prof. Muizelaar) stimulated him to pursue a PhD on clinical research in traumatic brain injury as well as a clinical career as a neurosurgeon.