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Innovations in Social Cognition Rehabilitation

Maarten Milders

Skye McDonald

Jacoba M. Spikman
Leanne Togher
Giles Yeates
Barbra Zupan

Theoretical and empirical developments in social neuroscience have placed an increasing focus on the role of the body and interpersonal interactional processes within core social cognition abilities such as mentalising and emotion recognition. However rehabilitation strategies for these functions following acquired brain injury have only just begun to avail themselves of these theoretical developments, and move away from declarative skills training. This symposium presents data from a range of intervention approaches that have explicitly incorporated these theoretical developments into their development: The session will be opened by Giles Yeates, providing an overview of how the use of the body and interpersonal processes is providing new directions for social cognition rehabilitation. Then Skye McDonald and Jacoba Spikman will each describe their treatment approaches to social cognition, including the use of mimicry and autonomic responsivity to facilitate emotion recognition in survivors. Leanne Togher will outline her group’s use of social communication partners, and Barbra Zupan, Barry Diller and Dawn Neumann will report on developments in their emotion recognition training protocol.