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Sport Concussion

Thomas McAllister

Steven Broglio
Thomas McAllister
Michael McCrea


I.What Do We Know, What Do We Need to Know? This talk will review what is known about the natural history and neurobiology of concussion and highlight current knowledge gaps.

II. The CARE Consortium: Overview, Aims, and Methodology. This talk will describe the specific aims of the CARE Consortium, and the methodology of both the longitudinal clinical and the neurobiology of concussion studies. Rationale and limitations of the methodology will be discussed.

III. Preliminary CARE Data: What is the Natural History of Concussion? Preliminary data on the demographic and clinical characteristics of the initial 9,0000 collegiate athletes enrolled in the study will be presented. Data on the injury characteristics, symptom resolution, return to play, and 6-month follow-up will be presented in the initial cohort of 300 concussed athletes.

IV. Preliminary CARE DATA: What is the Neurobiology of Concussion? - From Biomechanics to Neuroimaging & Biomarkers. Preliminary biomechanical and neuroimaging data on the initial cohort of concussed athletes will be summarized. Methodological and logistical challenges will be discussed.