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Speaker Resource Page




Please bring your final PowerPoint presentation file to the World Congress on a flash drive to give to our AV technicians ahead of your presentation time (specific time frames and instructions are forthcoming). Please bring a backup copy as well.

Please ensure that you have inserted the appropriate Compliance Slide (see below under CME) at the beginning of your presentation.

For each room we will provide the following on a PC platform: 

  • Laptop on podium
  • LCD Projector
  • Screen
  • Microphone
  • Pointer

Please direct questions to Monica Rodgers of the IBIA conference staff, at, or our office at 703-960-6500.



DUE:  JANUARY 15, 2016

Please go to our CME provider, PESG, to provide all required information, which includes:

  • Session title 
  • Session objectives (Session Chair only)
  • Session file
  • Presenter CV 
  • Disclosure information
  • Continuing education agreement

IMPORTANT: If you are a Session Chair, only you will provide the session summary and objectives.  We kindly ask that you confirm that all additional speakers in your session complete the disclosure and CE agreement.This documentation is required for us to obtain CME accreditation for the Congress. Your login is the e-mail address you provided to us, and your Passphrase is your last name, first initial capitalized. Please refer to the Speaker Quick Start Guide and the CE Guidance Document below for guidance on completing this process. 

Compliance Slide Examples:




DUE:  JANUARY 15, 2016

All presenters must register, please click here:

  • If you have specific questions about the registration process, registration status, or need an extension to this due date, please contact our Registrar, Colleen LoGrande, at 703-960-6500, or at




To ensure that you are able to reserve a room in one of our room blocks, please make your hotel reservations as soon as possible. Rooms in our room block are being released from our room block back to the general public in stages (the first group was released on 12/18/15 and the second block will be released on 1/17/16). Please see below for link:




If you have questions or need assistance at any time, please contact Monica Rodgers of the IBIA conference staff, at, or our office at 703-960-6500.