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Sanna Koskinen

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Holistic Neurorehabilitation – Theoretical and Clinical Perspectives


Sanna Koskinen, PhD, is a clinical neuropsychologist with more than 30 years of experience with neurological patients mostly in the Käpylä Rehabilitation Centre, Helsinki, Finland. Her main clinical interests are in the field of rehabilitation, especially with persons with TBI and stroke. She has developed a computer-administered cognitive software (FORAMENRehab) for neurological patients with a Finnish colleague. At the moment they are developing a mobile version of that software. The other current focus of interest is neuropsychotherapy, a form of treatment based on recent advances in the domains of neuroscience, neuropsychological rehabilitation, and models of psychotherapy. Sanna Koskinen is the president of the Finnish Association for Neuropsychotherapy. Her current position is in the University of Helsinki, where she acts as a university lecturer and researcher. Her current main research interests focus on dance and music rehabilitation for patients with TBI, quality of life, sport concussions, neuropsychological rehabilitation, and the implementation of the ICF classification. She has published about 20 peer-reviewed scientific papers, as well as about 20 chapters in Finnish and international handbooks.