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Risa Nakase-Richardson


Session Title 1:

Disorders of Consciousness (I)

Session Title 2:

Disorders of Consciousness (II)

Session Title 3:

DOC SIG Symposium

Session Title 4: 

Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center (DVBIC) Symposium



Dr. Richardson is a clinical neuropsychologist with 17-years of experience working in TBI neuro-rehabilitation in both clinical and research capacities. She is an Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of South Florida, and investigator at the Health Services Research & Development (HSR&D) Center of Innovation on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (CINDRR), Tampa FL. She has 44 publications in peer-reviewed journals and over 150 presentations at national and international conferences. Her primary area of interest has been in rehabilitation outcome following TBI. Her work has led to development of new assessment instruments for use in early neurobehavioral recovery, development and preliminary evaluation of program interventions for managing sequelae of severe brain injury, and phenomenologic studies that have helped contribute to the empirical base of understanding the diagnostic distinctions among syndromes of impaired consciousness. She has served in various research roles including principle investigator, co-investigator, research director, and project manager on TBI grants from VA Health Services Research and Development (N=1), General Dynamics Health Solutions (N=1), National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (N=6) and National Academy of Neuropsychology. She has active roles within the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine, including Chairperson for the Military and Veteran Networking Group, and Chairperson for the Disorder of Consciousness Task Force within the Brain Injury Interdisciplinary Group. As well, within the TBI Model Systems program of research, she Co-Chairs 3 Special Interest Groups (Disorder of Consciousness, VA Collaboration, and Sleep). Prior to employment within the Veterans Health Administration, Dr. Richardson served as Assistant Training Director and Training Director of an Association of Postdoctoral Programs in Clinical Neuropsychology (APPCN) approved Neuropsychology Postdoctoral Fellowship with specialized training in the full continuum of care for persons with acquired brain injury starting with ICU assessment through community re-integration. Currently, she supervises neuropsychology, rehabilitation psychology, and pulmonary sleep medicine fellows in clinical and research projects related to this topic. For this project, Dr. Richardson will provide input on methodology and assist with analyses and dissemination. She will contribute 10% time/effort to the project, paid through patient care funds.