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Prevalence and Correlates of a Lifetime History of TBI in the Adult, General Population

John D. Corrigan

John D. Corrigan
Gabriela Ilie
Gale Whiteneck


Several recent studies have reported population-based findings on the prevalence and correlates of traumatic brain injury (TBI) for 2 U.S. states and 1 Canadian province. Estimates range from 17% to 24% of adults in the general population having experienced at least 1 TBI with loss of consciousness. These studies have found associations with poorer current health and well-being. Each presentation in this symposium will describe results from a state or provincial population survey. In addition to prevalence estimates, associations between health consequences and lifetime history of TBI will be described.  Characteristics of the injury and its onset will be presented for the two surveys in which the methodology provide these data. The findings cast a new light on prevalence of a history of TBI in the adult, general population and its potential impact on health and function as adults. Implications will be discussed for healthcare policy and social service delivery systems.