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Mild TBI and Outcome – The Role of Emotion Regulation, Stress and Coping

Joukje van der Naalt
Jacoba M. Spikman


Myrthe Scheenen
Hans van der Horn
Joukje van der Naalt
Annemarie Visser-Keizer


The aim of this symposium is to present data from a national multicenter follow-up study of patients with mild TBI. More than 1000 patients were included at the emergency department of various level-1 Trauma-centers in the Netherlands to evaluate the role of emotion regulation, stress and coping on outcome. In this prospective study, follow-up was obtained at 2 weeks and 3, 6 and 12 months after injury and combined with an intervention study aimed to evaluate the effect of cognitive behavioral therapy to enhance work resumption. In addition, fMRI-studies combined with DTI were done to assess functional and structural dysfunction