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Judith van Velzen

Session Title:

Return to Work After Acquired Brain Injury: An Overview of Vocational Rehabilitation Interventions


Judith van Velzen is a human movement scientist and is working as a researcher at the department of Research and Development of the rehabilitation center Heliomare in Wijk aan Zee, the Netherlands, since 2004.

December 2014, Judith successfully defended the research of her PhD project ‘Return to work after acquired brain injury’. After finishing her PhD project, Judith continued working on the topic of return to work after acquired brain injury. She is working now as a senior researcher. She is focussing on the sustainability of return to work after receiving a vocational rehabilitation intervention and on long term support after returning to work. In addition, she is focussing on implementation of vocational rehabilitation protocols in Dutch rehabilitation centers and rehabilitation departments of hospitals, and on cooperation between these institutes.

Judith is affiliated to the Coronel Institute of Occupational Health at the Academic Medical Centre / University of Amsterdam as a senior guest researcher