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Jan Lavrijsen


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DOC SIG Symposium


Jan Lavrijsen found his passion and mission as a physician in Nursing Home Medicine, nowadays called Elderly Care Medicine. His expertise is on the long-term care, dilemmas and decision making at the end of someone’s life, especially concerning young patients who never regain consciousness after an acute brain injury.

Jan is a lecturer and senior researcher at the Department of Primary and Community Care, at the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre. Recently, he founded a research group ‘Niemand tussen Wal en Schip’, dedicated to the severest outcomes of acquired brain injury. Jan Lavrijsen is a member of the European Task Force on Disorders of Consciousness and several national committees, e.g. the Advisory Committee Quality (Adviescommissie Kwaliteit, Zorginstituut Nederland) and ‘Passende zorg in de laatste levensfase’ (Appropriate End-of-Life Care, KNMG/Royal Dutch Medical Association) and ‘Zorgstandaard Traumatisch Hersenletsel’ Hersenstichting (Care Standard Traumatic Brain Injury, Brain Foundation Netherlands).

He presented his mission at TEDxRadboudU