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Holly Jimison


Session Title:

Innovative Approaches to Delivering Safety, Health, and Activity Self-Management Interventions  


Professor Jimison’s research is focused on technology for health interventions in the home, with an emphasis on the needs of older adults and vulnerable populations. Dr. Jimison is the Director of the Northeastern-based Consortium on Technology for Proactive Care, created to develop a technology infrastructure for sustainable interventions that support continuity of care outside a medical center setting and promote long-term health behavior change. Dr. Jimison specifically investigates the “Big Data” issues associated with streaming sensor data from the home, using computational methods to model and assess patient state. Application areas include cognitive monitoring with adaptive computer games, interactive physical exercise with real-time feedback based on data from the Kinect camera, sleep monitoring and interventions, and socialization monitoring and interventions. Her dynamic user models serve as a framework for real-time assessment and automated messaging. Dr. Jimison is a Fellow of the American College of Medical Informatics, Past-President of the Oregon Chapter of the Health Information Management Systems Society, and former technology advisor for the Office of Behavioral & Social Science Research at NIH. Her research has been funded by the National Science Foundation, National Institute on Aging, National Institute of Mental Health, the Alzheimer’s Association, the Intel Corporation, and the National Institute on Standards & Technology. Dr. Jimison received her PhD from Stanford University in Medical Informatics with a Fellowship from the National Library of Medicine. Her dissertation work included developing a new knowledge representation for Bayesian decision models enabling patient-tailored messaging and the dynamic ordering of assessments by importance.