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Enrico Castelli


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Advancing Padeiatric/Adolescent ABI Rehabilitation and Adaption Using NeuroTechnologies


Enrico Castelli graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Milan (Italy) in 1983, where he also specialized in Rehabilitation (1986) and in Neurology (1991). Head of the Pediatric Neuro-Rehabilitation Department of the Bambino Gesù Children's Hospital in Rome (Italy). The Department is composed of 50 beds for intensive rehabilitation for children affected by congenital or acquired brain or spinal cord injuries. Head of the Movement Analysis and Robotics Laboratory (MARLab) of the Bambino Gesù Children's Hospital, Rome (Italy). The MARLab develops and tests innovative robotic devices for the rehabilitation of motor disabilities. Author of several scientific publications on neurological and rehabilitative items. Co-author of the Italian Reference Guidelines for the Treatment of Minor and Severe Traumatic Brain Injury and of the Recommendations for the Rehabilitation of children with Cerebral Palsy. Board of the Governors member of the International Brain Injury Association (IBIA). Board Member of the International Paediatric Brain Injury Society (IPBIS). Member of the Italian Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (SIMFER) and National Coordinator of the Paediatric Rehabilitation Group of this scientific society. Representative for Italy to the European Academy of Childhood Disability (EACD).