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David Salat

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Deployment Trauma: Insights from the TRACTS Cohort of the Effects of mTBI and Blast Exposure in OEF/OIF Veterans


Dr. David Salat is founder and director of the Neuroimaging Research for Veterans Center and the Director of the Neuroimaging Core of the TRACTS RR&D Center of Excellence, both at VA Boston Healthcare System.  He is Associate Professor in Radiology at Harvard Medical School and Assistant in Neuroscience in the Department of Radiology at the Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging. Dr. Salat’s research interests include understanding mechanisms of age-associated cognitive decline and dementia through the application of advanced neuroimaging techniques. Since joining VA in 2008, he has lead a team of investigators interested in understanding brain alterations associated with deployment trauma in Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan using structural and functional brain imaging techniques. This work has made important contributions to the field over the last several years, including identifying patterns of brain network activity that is altered as the result of exposure to blasts on the battlefield.  His work also focuses on the identification of potential biomarkers for mTBI, PTSD, depression, substance abuse and others that can be used for diagnosis and treatment tracking