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Carol Hawley


Session Title:

Advances in the Medical Understanding of Pediatric ABI: What we know and don’t know

Session Title 2:

Advancing Padeiatric/Adolescent ABI Rehabilitation and Adaption Using NeuroTechnologies


Dr. Carol Hawley is a Principal Research Fellow at Warwick Medical School, University of Warwick, United Kingdom, where she has worked since 1988.  She is also Honorary Principal Research Fellow in the Emergency Department at University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire. She has been carrying out research into brain injury since 1991 and her PhD was on health, social and psychological outcomes after brain injury.  She has had the privilege of talking to and working with many hundreds of children, their parents, adolescents and adults who have had a brain injury, and thus has a wealth of experience on this subject.

She is a founding member and board member of IPBIS. She Chairs the Professional Reference Group of the Child Brain Injury Trust in the UK, Chairs a Special Interest Group under the umbrella of the World Federation of Neurological Rehabilitation, and is a member of the Criminal Justice and Acquired Brain Injury Interest Group in the UK.

She has carried out research with young people who have had a brain injury and their parents, exploring the impact of brain injury on the whole family.

Particular research interests are the epidemiology of minor head injury; outcomes after brain injury; return to education after brain injury, evaluation of interventions; positive psychological growth after head trauma; and advice and information given to parents after their child is injured.

She is supervising a PhD which examines the development and retention of self-awareness in children who have had a severe brain injury.

Most recently she is examining the prevalence of head injury in a population of young offenders in Warwickshire, UK, in collaboration with the Warwickshire Youth Justice team.