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Ann Glang

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Keynote Lecture: Advancing Best Practices in Childhood Brain Injury


Ann Glang, Ph.D., is a Research Professor at the University of Oregon. Dr. Glang began her career as a researcher in 1987 after receiving her Ph.D. in Special Education from the University of Oregon. Combining her interests in Special Education with her commitment to the principles of effective instruction, Dr. Glang has designed and studied interventions developing effective strategies to help teachers and families support children and adolescents with brain injuries. As the parent of a child with physical disabilities, Dr. Glang brings the unique perspectives of researcher, educator, and parent to her work. Since 1987, Dr. Glang has secured and directed or co-directed nearly 30 federally funded research projects focused on individuals with TBI, including both descriptive and intervention research projects. Dr. Glang has published numerous articles in refereed journals, edited two books on her work with children with TBI, and co-authored five manuals for educators serving children with TBI. In addition, Dr. Glang has led the development of a range of SBIR-funded health education programs, including Brain Injury Partners, an intervention to train family members of children with TBI in advocacy skills, and ACTive, a concussion education
program for youth sports coaches.