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An Invitation to the Hague in 2016

Dear Colleagues,

The National and International Scientific Planning Committees invite you to attend the Eleventh  World Congress on Brain Injury, “from Cell to Society”  in the Hague, the Netherlands on March 2-5, 2016.  This biennial Congress is the principal activity of the International Brain Injury Association, and is unique in its international focus on transdisciplinary advances in the science, clinical aspects, and public policy issues of traumatic and other acquired brain injuries.

Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) can be understood on a number of levels, from the genes that control its pathophysiology through to the behavioural disorders it may generate and even beyond to social and cultural phenomena. Such a hierarchy is also reflective of the approaches used to investigate ABI varying from, for instance, genes that are associated with recovery of neural networks to the behavioural interactions of individuals with ABI within a social or cultural context. We must be wary of taking a unidirectional, biological reductionist view in our attempts to understand ABI. Focusing research on one level, might restrict our capacity to truly unravel the interconnections from cell through to society that set lifetime trajectories for recovery of health and wellbeing in patients with ABI. The |Eleventh World Congress “Brain Injury: from cell to society”  aims to inspire researchers, clinicians and policymakers with ground breaking ideas, insights and prospects aimed at reducing the immense burden ABI infers on individuals, their caregivers and society as a whole. 

The scientific program will offer keynote and plenary addresses by luminaries in the field. Congress participants will have opportunities to present their work and to learn about advances made by others in the science of brain injury and the care of persons and families affected by brain injuries through scientific poster and paper presentations, workshops, exhibitor demonstrations, candlelight sessions with international experts, as well as, pre- and post-conference symposia. The Congress also provides an outstanding and unparalleled forum for networking and socialization with like-minded colleagues from around the world, and offers a host of exhibits by governmental, non-governmental, and private enterprises.

The Hague is one of the most extraordinary cities in Holland because of its many monuments, historic districts and its location near the beautiful North Sea coastline with Scheveningen as its best known seaside resort on the Dutch coast. The Plein and Grote Markt squares abound with great restaurants, eateries, coffee houses and night clubs are lively and welcoming places every day of the week. The Hague’s shopping is as varied as the city itself, ranging from luxury department stores and international top brands to cosy little streets filled with boutiques and specialty shops. It also has a lot of internationally renowned art and culture to offer. And last but not least, the Hague proves that a modern skyline and a historic city centre are perfect partners. Truly, you have not seen Holland until you have been to the Hague!

See you in the Hague!  

Gerard Ribbers, MD PhD
President, 2016 IBIA World Congress

On behalf of Caroline van Heugten, PhD and Wilco Peul, MD, PhD

David Brian Arciniegas, MD
Chairperson, IBIA