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Agaath Sluijter


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Non-invasive Brain Stimulation:  Opening up New Horizons in Neurorehabilitation


Agaath Sluijter is business director of IMDI Neurocontrol. Neurocontrol is a centre of research excellence (CoRE) established in 2011 as part of the IMDI initiative, selected by the Netherlands Organization for Health Research and Development as one of the spearheads of Medical Technology research in the Netherlands. It is a close collaboration between the TU Delft, Utwente, VUMC, Radboudumc, LUMC and ErasmusMC, several companies, rehabilitation centres and other institutions and patient unions.

NeuroControl focuses on neuroplasticity, i.e. the adaptive capacity of the human nervous system as the key towards the development of innovative tools for treatment and prevention of disabilities caused by chronic neurological diseases. Adaptive capacity implies resilience to challenges in daily living as the ultimate determinant of self-dependency. To exploit neuro- plasticity, novel assessment and therapeutic means will be developed by matching control- engineering with neuroscience, signal-processing with neurology, and robotics with rehabilitation medicine.

Agaath has a Msc in Phonetics (1991), and a PhD in Speech Technology (1995). She was visiting scientist at the Massachussets Institute of Technology (Research laboratory of Electronics) in 1994. She was earlier employed at KPN Research, KPN Mobile (Dutch telephone company), the Dutch Advisory Council for science and technology policy (AWTI) and Rijnconsult (business consultant).