Update on IBIA’s Tenth World Congress on Brain Injury

David B. Arciniegas, MD
President, International Brain Injury Association


The 10th World Congress on Brain Injury will take place in San Francisco, California on March 19 - 23, 2014. This biennial congress is the principal activity of the International Brain Injury Association (IBIA), and is unique in its international focus on transdisciplinary advances in the science, clinical aspects, and public policy issues of traumatic and other acquired brain injuries.

Eight pre-meeting workshops chaired by luminaries in our field will be offered on March 19, 2014, the day preceding the start of the congress. These half-day workshops will provide congress participants with opportunities to learn about pediatric brain injury, concussion in sports, neuromodulation, virtual rehabilitation, neuroimaging research, brain injury neuropsychiatry, post-traumatic headache and disorders of consciousness. Designed to meet the needs of both new learners and experts in the field, these pre-congress workshops will provide participants with an opportunity to advance their knowledge and skills in these areas.

The main program of the 10th World Congress on Brain Injury will begins on March 20, 2014. The form and content of this event reflects the Organizing Committee’s desire to convene a true congress of brain injury professionals, scientists, and advocates. Each day begins with a Keynote Address by an internationally-renown clinician-scientist whose presentation is anchored to the congress theme, “Neurotrauma, Technology, and Neurorehabilitation.” Immediately following each morning’s Keynote Addresses, congress participants will engage in an exchange of concepts, sharing of research findings, and discussion of emerging trends in brain injury through participation in a poster session. Congress participants attending the poster session also will have opportunities to interact with exhibitors demonstrating new technologies, programs, and facilities supporting brain injury research and improving the lives of persons with brain injury and their families.

Following each morning’s poster session are several hours of concurrent sessions on a broad range of brain injury-related topics. Symposia, workshops, and panels have been contributed by eight of our congress-endorsing organizations, including the International Pediatric Brain Injury Society, European Brain Injury Society, World Federation for NeuroRehabilitation, CARF International, North American Brain Injury Society, American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine, Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center, and the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research-supported Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems Centers. The National and International Scientific Planning Committees have invited symposia from luminaries in the field complementing the content of the endorsing organization sessions with presentations on topics ranging from the basic science of neurotrauma to community participation in the late period after brain injury.

The IBIA World Congress schedule is designed to accommodate nearly 300 oral paper presentations, enabling delegates from around the globe to engage in a robust exchange of ideas on a broad range of brain injury-related topics. Individuals submitting abstracts are welcome to contact the IBIA staff with recommendations on groupings of 5-6 abstracts into ‘mini-symposia’ on specific topics. Such recommendations (which must include the submission number generated by the Oxford Abstract system through which abstracts are entered) should include works representing more than one institution and, whenever possible, hailing from two or more countries.

During this congress, special recognition will be given to the International Pediatric Brain Injury Society (IPBIS). This society recently established an agreement to serve as a Section of IBIA focused on pediatric brain injury.  IPBIS  and IBIA will mutually promote educational programs and training activities about pediatric brain injury, its consequences and possible prevention; support research and other scholarly activities to increase knowledge and understanding about causes and consequences of pediatric brain injury, and effective treatment interventions; and, support, promote and conduct other activities to enable IBIA and IPBIS to more effectively and efficiently assist professionals in the field of pediatric brain injury. The content of the 10th World Congress on Brain Injury reflects this collaboration with a strong focus throughout on pediatric brain injury and will include a pediatrics-oriented keynote address, pre-meeting workshop, symposia, and panel discussions.

Congress participants will reconvene at the close of each day for a second poster session and exchange with exhibitors. Immediately following the poster session, congress participants will return to the main auditorium for a plenary address on one of the three elements of the congress theme – neurotrauma, technology, and neurorehabilitation.

The IBIA awards will be presented during the congress, including the Jennett Plum Award for Clinical Achievement in the Field of Brain Injury Medicine, the Henry Stonnington Awards for best review articles in Brain Injury, the Young Investigator Award, the Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Car of the Year Award. This congress also marks a transition in IBIA leadership. After many years of service as Chairman of the IBIA Board of Governors, Nathan D. Zasler, MD is bringing his service in this role to a close. He and the members of the IBIA Executive Committee concluding their service will welcome a new group of leaders of our association during this meeting, and will bring the meeting to a close with a gala celebrating IBIA’s growth, achievements, and bright future.

The IBIA leadership and the National and International Scientific Planning Committees look forward to receiving your abstracts and to seeing you next March in San Francisco at the 10th World Congress on Brain Injury. For more information about the congress, abstract submission processes, and accomodations in San Francisco, click here