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The Seventh World Congress on Brain Injury Presentation Materials

The presentation materials of select speakers at the Seventh World Congress on Brain Injury are available for download.

The presentation materials of select speakers at the Seventh World Congress on Brain Injury delivered in Lisbon, Portugal in April of 2008, are available for download. Click on the presenter names below to view a pdf version of the Power Point version of their presentation.

  1. Arcienegas,
    Med Tx of Posttraumatic Cognitive Impairment
  2. Borg,
    Role of Neurotherapy in Neurorehabilitation of MTBI related Impairments
  3. Carroll,
    Clinical Trial Designs in MTBI
  4. Carroll,
    MTBI and Practice Guidelines
  5. Collins,
    MTBI and Sports Concussion
  6. Emanuelson,
    Follow-up of Young Adults Post Moderate to Severe Childhood TBI 
  7. Fins,
    Fred Plum's Legacy to Neuroethics
  8. Freeman,
    Forensic Epidemiology
  9. Giancino,
    Advances in Neurobehavioral Assessment
  10. Gillett,
    On Being Female, Brain Injured and teh Risk of Abuse
  11. Hessen, 
    Neuropsychological and Behavioral Function 23 Years After mTBI
  12. Iverson, 
    Evidence-Based Report Writing
  13. Iverson, 
    Neuropsychology Assessment Issues in MTBI
  14. Kapoor,
    Evaluation and Management of Residual Sensorimotor vision Disturbances Following TBI
  15. Kleiven,
    Biomechanics and Thresholds for MTBI in Humans
  16. Laureys,
    Neuroimaging Technology
  17. Lundin,
    Clinical Criteria for mTBI and Post-Concussive Disorders
  18. Maas,
    New Approaches to Increase Statistical Power in TBI Trials
  19. Muller,
    Use of the Erigo in DOC
  20. Murdoch,
    Advances in Assessment and Management of Communicative Disorders After ABI
  21. Murdoch,
    Cognitive-Linguistic Rehabilitation in mTBI
  22. Patrick,
    Natural History of Low Response in Children Adolescents Following Sever Acquired Brain Injury
  23. Perino,
    Rivastigmine Treatment in Cognitive and Behavioral Deficits after TBI
  24. Ring,
    Long Term Followup of Patients Using the NESS L300 Neuroprothesis
  25. Sinkjaer,
    Alternative Controlof Nerve Stimulation Systems
  26. Sinkjaer,
    Clinic Test of Sensory Feedback
  27. Sinkjaer,
    Detrusor Hyperreflexia, control vs treated SCI
  28. Sinkjaer,
    Nerve Stimulation and Motor Rehabilitation
  29. Sinkjaer,
    Neuro-Technology Bridges the Communication Gap
  30. Sinkjaer,
    Task Specific Moter Re-Training in UE
  31. Sinkjaer,
    Walking in Acute Stroke Patients AFter Repetitive Nerve Stimulation
  32. Tenovuo,
    Clinical Spectrum of Chronic Pain Syndromes After TBI
  33. Tyerman,
    Models of Vocational Rehabilitation After Brain Injury
  34. Tyerman,
    Vocational Rehabilitation
  35. Wicks,
    Long Term Educational Needs of Children with ABI
  36. Zasler,
    Differential Diagnostic Issues in MTBI
  37. Zasler,
    Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About How to Get Pub 


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