New Book - Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: Symptom Validity Assessment and Malingering

Editors:  Dominic A. Carone and Shane S. Bush
Publication Date:  8/2012
448pp Softcover
ISBN-13: 9780826109156. 
Price:  $75.00 USD
This authoritative volume is the first book specifically devoted to symptom validity assessment with individuals having a known or suspected history of mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI). It brings together leading experts in MTBI, symptom validity assessment, and malingering to provide a thorough and practical guide to the challenging task of assessing the validity of patient presentations after an MTBI. The book describes techniques that can drastically alter case conceptualization, treatment, and equitable allocation of resources. In addition to covering the most important symptom validity assessment methods, this timely volume provides guidance to clinicians on professional and research issues, and information on symptom validity testing in varied populations.