Jurriaan H. de Groot


Session Title:

Novel Engineering to Understand Motor Recovery After Brain Injury


Jurriaan H. de Groot is an assistant professor in rehabilitation medicine at the Leiden University Medical Center, with focus on neuromuscular disorders.

He started his multi-disciplinary career with an MSc degree in Biology followed by a PhD degree in Biomechanical Engineering at the Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands. As a post-doc researcher associated to the dept. of Biology at the Leiden University he was involved in kinematics and biomechanics of reptile tongues, e.g. snake tongue flicking and chameleon tongue projection. Since 2001 he is appointed at the Leiden University Medical Center and heads of the Laboratory for Kinematics and Neuromechanics.

His research focus is on the biomechanics of the shoulder (massive rotator cuff tears and subacromial pain syndrome), and the development and application of diagnostic tools to discriminate between neural and non-neural contractile and connective tissue factors of movement disorders after Stroke. For this he closely collaborates with the Delft University of Technology.