Naomi Brookes





Naomi Brookes is a senior clinical psychologist working with the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program at Sydney Children’s Hospital, NSW, Australia.

Naomi studied Psychology at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia and obtained the degree of Master in Clinical Psychology. She worked for some years in the fields of child & adolescent psychiatry and paediatric developmental disability before joining the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program. She has been working with this team for over 20 years and has extensive clinical expertise in the assessment and treatment of emotional, behavioural and social difficulties in children and adolescents following brain injury. She has a particular interest in the use of research evidence to develop evidence-based pathways for clinical intervention.

Research interests include investigation of psychosocial adjustment of children and adolescents following acquired brain injury; sibling adjustment; measurement of post traumatic amnesia in children; and more recently, she has participated in an international collaboration around identifying family needs.


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International Perspectives on Family Needs After Pediatric ABI



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