Mathilde Chevignard





Dr. Mathilde Chevignard is a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physician, who has been working in a rehabilitation department devoted to children and adolescents with acquired neurological injury in the Saint Maurice Hospitals, France for 15 years.

Her clinical and research interests focus on assessment of activities and activity limitations, participation and quality of life in patients with acquired brain injury, as well as determinants of those outcomes.

In particular, she performed work on assessment of neuropsychological deficits in a range of types of acquired brain injury, such as traumatic brain injury, abusive head trauma, brain tumors, encephalitis and childhood stroke. She also studied and developed ecological assessments of executive functioning in children and in adults.
Her work also focuses on interventions aimed at reducing impairment and increasing participation in children, adolescents and young adults with acquired brain injury, such as constraint induced therapy for hemiparesis, interventions to improve everyday executive functioning, independence, educational attainment and professional training.


Conference Presentation

Innovative Pathways for Children and Youth with Acquired Brain Injury in Four European Countries

Crime and Traumatic Brain Injury: Causal Links and Interventions 


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