Massimo Stortini





Dr. Stortini is a medical doctor, in charge of “Dysfunctions of Postural Control in pediatric neurological pathologies” High Specialty Unit, Neuroscience and Neurorehabilitation Department," Bambino Gesu' " Children's Hospital Scientific Institute in Rome.

He is specialized in the rehabilitative treatment of small children (0- 2 years old) with congenital (cerebral palsy, genetic disorders) and acquired (TBI and post anoxic, infectious and brain tumour diseases) pathologies.

In the last six years his group was mainly devoted in clinical research about Balance and Postural Control in congenital and acquired neurological pathologies.The preliminary aim was collecting scientific literature contributions in the area of postural control in children and adolescents with neurological disorders to select the much evidence-based direction for clinical practice. Since postural control is so complex and multifaceted, it can be adversely affected by a multitude of orthopaedic, neurological and other general medical conditions as well as changing fundamentally throughout normal development and aging. His Unit developed an original treatment model that, depending on the different disturbances, applies diverse strategies which address balance and posture limitations, on the base of the specific underlying physiological mechanisms of each.The proposal resulting is an intensive rehabilitation treatment particularly oriented to map and develope the integration of deficit components through progressive proposals, but especially the appropriate dosing of tasks and perceptive contexts aimed at functional enhancement, using along the rehabilitation treatment also orthoses and specific devices that support the line of the functions development. Preliminary data has been collected.


Conference Presentation

Improving Postural Control in Early Rehabilitative Treatment of Children with Acquired Brain Injury 



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