Leigh Schrieff-Elson


South Africa



Dr. Leigh Schrieff-Elson is a senior lecturer in the Department of Psychology at the University of Cape Town, in South Africa. She researches and teaches in the area of pediatric neuropsychology, primarily in traumatic brain injury (her area of expertise and the focus of her PhD research) and neuropsychological rehabilitation, and more recently on the neuropsychology of HIV infection in children. She has convened the first year psychology course in her department for a few years, but also teaches at second, third, and postgraduate levels. Dr Schrieff also co-convenes the department’s pediatric component of the Masters in Clinical Neuropsychology.  She has supervised a number of Honours and Masters students to date in the above-mentioned fields. Besides research experience, she has a great deal of clinical experience in the field of pediatric neuropsychology more generally. Most of her publications to date have been in the area of pediatric traumatic brain injury. She has also presented her own and some of her students’ work, on their behalf, at various national and international conferences.


Conference Presentations

Neurodisability & Social Exclusion: A Need, and a Way, to Reduce Risk of Detention and Displacement of Young People with Brain Disorders

Crime and Traumatic Brain Injury: Causal Links and Interventions