Elena Beretta





Elena Beretta is a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician at the Scientific Institute Eugenio Medea – La Nostra Famiglia (Lecco, Italy).

She obtained her degree in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Milan and specialized in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Since 1995 she has been working at the IRCCS E. Medea and her major field of expertise relates to motor impairment of children, adolescents and young adults with severe acquired disorders of the central nervous system.

In particular, her clinical and research interests focus on alteration in posture and movement, management of spasticity (Botulinum Toxin, Intrathecal Treatment with Baclofen), 3D Gait Analysis, and different treatment strategies (such as constraint induced therapy).

In recent years, she has collaborated for the implementation of innovative technologies rehabilitation in the field of Robot-Mediated Therapy (RMT) and Virtual Reality (VR) for children with ABI.

She is the coordinator of activities about functional motor recovery in the Brain Injury Unit at IRCCS E. Medea.

In addition to clinical activity, she participates in several research identifying assessments and treatment protocols, verifying and comparing the effectiveness of different intervention methodologies and studying motor impairment in children with ABI.


Conference Presentation

Innovative Technologies and Dynamic Solution for Gait Recovery in Children with Acquired Brain Injury 



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