Adriaan Theeuwes


The Netherlands



A communication consultant by choice and an experience expert by accident. When my son Daan (than 23) had a very severe traumatic brain injury in 2013, I started a global quest for the most appropriate and best treatment available. Luckily I found it and experienced that a very intensive rehabilitation in an enriched environment brought back not only a lot of his old skills bust especially hope and Quality of Life. Now, 4 years later, Daan still makes lots of progress, he lives on his own and actively participates in society.

Thanks to all this experience we feel obliged to help improve rehabilitation for young people with severe TBI in The Netherlands with the Daan Theeuwes Foundation. Together with the Amsterdam University (VU) we started by creating a global knowledge base which gives scientific evidence that early - and long-lasting – intensive rehabilitation gives far better results than care as usual. The main project however is developing a focus rehabilitation center for young people (16-30) with severe TBI. A 10 in-patient and 30 out-patient facility which is planned to be open in 2018.



Conference Presentation

Identifying Needs for Children and Adolescents with Traumatic Brain Injury....How Do We Manage the Gaps?



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