Moral Boundaries of Care in Severe TBI


Joseph Fins
Wilco Peul

David Arciniegas 


Joseph Fins
Steven Laureys
Andrew Maas
Wilco Peul

Gerard Ribbers
Willemijn van Erp



We all are aware that the life after severe TBI is very, very unsure and that the end result, despite maximum treatment, might frequently have devastating consequences for patient and family!
And if survival after the acute neurosurgical and ICU phase has been pursued, the quality of life might be severely affected. From a classical point of view, Aristotle tried to define the “Good Life”, which has until now not been surpassed by modern philosophers and nearly never has been used in treatment decisions for our TBI patients.
Several large scale studies (Track-TBI (USA) and Center-TBI (Europe)) are using “big data” to improve the care for future brain injury patients and strive to link acute and post-acute care. But are we able measure the “Good Life”?
And if we, linked acute and post-acute care professionals, care about quality of outcome, how will treatment algorithms and decision-making be part of our moral boundaries of care?

From a multidisciplinary perspective this mini-symposium opens up the societal & bio-ethical debate. This will be a working group session and hopefully the future platform with global experts, trying to answer these difficult questions of “Life after TBI”.