NTL Issue 3

International Brain Injury Association

From the Chairperson

IBIA is pleased to announce that we are planning on having our next meeting in the Spring of 2008 in Western Europe. Our meeting date was pushed back due to delays incurred by the cancellation of the originally planned meeting to be held in Jerusalem. Please stay tuned for further details.

IBIA continues to publish the NeuroTrauma Letter (NTL) four times per year and we are requesting interested contributors to contact Dr. Zasler with submission ideas. We encourage individuals to join the organization to reap the benefits of membership including the journal Brain Injury, our newsletter, use of our listserve and discounts to our professional meetings. [full story]


Update in Botulinum Toxin Use: Taking Advantage of Your Resources

In managing patients with spasticity, especially when injecting botulinum toxin, there is one motto that holds true. It’s that the more one thinks he knows the more there really is to learn. Whether it is patient criteria, medication use or muscle selection for injection, nothing is as straight forward as it seems.[full story]

Focal and Multi-Focal Problems of Spasticity

Spasticity is a consequence of dysfunction of the central nervous system and is characterized by muscles overactivity, high tone spasms and may lead to muscle and soft tissue contracture and limb deformity, if untreated.  It is defined as “velocity dependent increase in muscle tone with exaggerated tendon jerks resulting in hyper-excitability of the stretch reflex in association with other features of the upper motor neurone syndrome”.[full story]


Founded in 1993, IBIA was created in response to the growing demand from professionals and advocates throughout the world for collaboration and more information on all aspects of brain injury, from prevention to long-term care issues.  Benefits of membership include an annual subscription to the journal Brain Injury as well as quarterly issues of this publication, the International NeuroTrauma Letter. To receive a membership form, click here (pdf)


The NeuroTrauma Letter is produced quarterly by the International Brain Injury Association.  Please address editorial questions to 

Editor in Chief 
Nathan D. Zasler, M.D., United States

Editorial Board 
Michael Barnes, M.D., United Kindom 
Lucia Braga, Ph.D., Brazil 
Christine Croisiaux, M.D., Belgium 
Jose Leon-Carrion, Ph.D., Spain 
Donald Stein, Ph.D., United States 
Walter Videtta, M.D., Argentina


The Assessment and Rehabilitation of Vegetative and Minimally Conscious Patients[full story]


EBIS Update

The next conference organised by EBIS will be entitled: "To be a mother or a father with a traumatic brain injury".[full story]

NABIS Update

Brain injury professionals from all over North and Latin America gathered in Miami, Florida, for the NABIS Brain Injury Conference of Americas in September, 2006. [full story]

Join IBIA Listserv

In an effort to provide global communication among members, IBIA has created a brain injury Listserv.  To sign up for the Listserv, click here. Please note that membership in IBIA is required to join the Listserv.

Articles of Note

Detecting Awareness in Vegetative State

This is a fascinating report that may change the direction of research and the general perspectives on assessment and diagnosis of the vegetative state and the limits of clinical bedside assessment of consciousness. Dr. Owen, et al., present a case of a woman status post a traumatic brain injury 5 months earlier who clinically appeared to be in a vegetative state based on fulfilling "all the criteria for a diagnosis of vegetative state according to international guidelines" (Note: although based on the time frames could not be deemed permanently vegetative). [full story]

The editors of the International NeuroTrauma Letter have complied the following list of current journal articles for your reference. [full story].


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