Editor’s Note: The International Neuro Trauma Letter: Requesting Articles for Our 2012-2013 Issue


(The Neuro Trauma Letter ("Letter") was created by the International Brain Injury Foundation. The "Letter" has served as a platform for sharing of clinical and research articles. The "Letter" has included both evidence-based papers and practice based evidence articles for information and guidance. Furthermore, "The Letter" has worked to include basic science articles as well as articles on clinical needs of adult, pediatric and geriatric topics.

Presently the "Letter" publishes three to four quality articles each quarter, with clinical adult, and pediatric as well as basic science contributions. In addition, we have worked to provide bibliography of recent articles and to provide an "evidence-based". At present we are planning our 2012 and 2013 issues and we extend an invitation to all members of the professional and research brain injury community to submit initial articles for review and consideration of publication.

I would like to extend a special invitation to IBIA's Board of Governors. I encourage the Board members to contribute articles and to explore and refer their local colleagues to offer topics and articles as well.

We hope to recruit quality articles and expand the Letter's scope of topics and international appeal.

We look forward to increased submission of articles.

Interested authors should contact Peter Patrick at, peterpatrick@embarqmail.com.


Peter D.Patrick, Ph.D., M.S.
Editor,  International Neuro Trauma Letter