2014 World Congress Program

Click here for the preliminary program for the upcoming Tenth World Congress on Brain Injury.

The Abstract Presentations will be posted in mid-January 2014.  The following is a breakdown of other topics which will be presented during the Pre-Congress Workshops and the normal World Congress.   For the timing of the Workshops and sessions, please refer to the "Preliminary Program" mentioned above. 

Pre-Congress Workshops

Concussions in Sports
Chair: Michael McCrea

Clinical Management of Disorders of Consciousness:  Toward an International Consensus
Chairs: Joe Giacino & John Whyte

Chair: Ross Zafonte

Neuropsychiatry of TBI
Chairs: Jonathan Silver & Thomas McAllister

IPBIS: Pediatric/Adolescent Rehabilitation Using Neurotechnology
Chair: Carol Hawley

Evidence-Based Virtual Rehabilitation after Acquired Brain Inury
Chairs: Enrique Noe Sebastian & Roberto Llorens Rodriguez

Post-Traumatic Headache
Chair:  Nathan Zasler

Keynote and Plenary Speakers

A Phased Developmental Approach to Neurorehabilitation Research: The Science of Knowledge Building
John Whyte

The Science of Knowledge: Problems and Prospects of Translational Brain Injury Research
Donald Stein

Neuroimaging of TBI: How Focal Lesions Disrupt Brain Networks
Erin Bigler

New Approaches to Assessing Cognition after Serious Brain Injury
Adrian Owen

IPBIS: Can Advances in E-health Improve Assessment, Intervention, and Outcomes for Children with TBI and their Families?
Vicki Anderson

It’s Not Only the Injury that Matters, but also the Kind of Head
Jennie Ponsford

Endorsing Organization Sessions

CARF: Brain Injury Rehabilitation after the Hospital: Developing and Growing Residential and Home and Community-based Brain Injury Services

Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center: Critical Military Programs and Research

European Brain Injury Society: Long-term Management of Persons with ABI and Their Relatives: Neurosystemic Approach

IPBIS: Supporting Children/Adolescents with ABI in Home, School and Community

North American Brain Injury Society: Translating Brain Injury Science Into Practice: A Multidisciplinary Approach

National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research – Traumatic Brain Injury Model System: Research Findings from the NIDRR-Funded TBIMS Modules

World Federation for NeuroRehabilitation: Advances in Multimodal Assessment of Post-Coma Sleep Disorders


Symposia, Workshops, and Panels:

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy: State of the Science

Impulsive and Aggressive Behaviors after Traumatic Brain Injury:  Advances in Evaluation and Treatment

Measuring Consciousness in Severe Brain Injury Using Neuroimaging - Moving from Bench to Bedside

Outcome after Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: Genes, Biomechanics, and Injury Context

The TBI Practice Based Evidence Study: Initial Findings and Future Directions

Program Faculty: 

Catherine Aaro Jonnson

Jay Alberts

Vicki Anderson

Erin Bigler

Frank Biocca

Deb Braunling-McMorrow

Tamara Bushnik

Enrico Castelli

John D. Corrigan

Christine Croisiaux

Roberta DePompei

Jean-Marc Destaillats

Carol DiPerri

Joe Giacino

Kevin Guskiewicz

Flora Hammond

Carol Hawley

Katherine Helmick

Eric Hermanns

Jean Hoffman

Susan D. Horn

Cathy Johnson

Emily Keshner

Ingela Kristansen

Steven Laureys

Mindy Levin

Mark Linden

Roberto Llorens Rodriguez

Chris MacDonell

Giorgio Maggioni

Jean-Michel Mazaux

Thomas McAllister

Michael McCrea

Ann McKee

Audrey McKinlay

Enrique Noe Sebastian

Barbara O’Connell

Michael Oddy

Adrian Owen

Caterina Pistarini

Jennie Ponsford

Risa Richardson

Peter Rumney

Angelle Sander

Donald Stein

Robert Stern

Tina Trudel

Jean-Luc Truelle

R Tamar Weiss

John Whyte

Beth Wicks

Lucia Willadino Braga

Rodger Wood

Ross Zafonte

Nathan Zasler


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